Cegal AS is a professional digitization partner that delivers cloud-based solutions, software applications and consulting services for the energy industry. The company has approximately 450 employees globally (including hired consultants and advisers).


Covent AS is an industrial company in Bjerkreim that produces ventilation units for a number of customers in Norway. The company has approx. 100 employees.

Håmsø Patentbyrå

Håmsø Patentbyrå AS is one of Norway’s leading intellectual property rights consultancy firms (IP/IPR), and the only patent firm with headquarters in Rogaland.

Malthus Uniteam AS / Algeco

Malthus Uniteam / Algeco AS is a leading supplier of modular buildings, containers, rigs and barracks, as well as formwork systems and construction equipment.

Norrøna Storkjøkken

Norrøna Storkjøkken is one of the country’s leading total suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment with a total of about 115 employees in various locations in the country.