Huddly is industry-leading when it comes to intelligent camera systems that enable inclusive and productive teamwork with a focus on user experience. This is achived by combining expertise in design, hardware, software, and artificial intelligence across disciplines. In 2024, the company celebrates its 10th anniversary.

BUHR’s delivery:

Huddly has a subscription agreement with BUHR. They have been open and inclusive, making this an exciting customer to follow up with, and we get to utilize the full breadth of the HR-field to meet the company’s needs.

Huddly is a papidly growing technology company, and it is of utmost importance for us to deliver effectively on our HR functions and employee support. As a partner, BUHR is competent and reliable, quickly familiarizing themselves with our needs and organizational culture. They have also proven to be highly flexible when our requirements change along the way.

– Ingrid Somdal-Åmodt Vinje, VP People & Culture