Leaders do not need to be HR specialists on top of everything

Everything is easy when you can, it is said. But what is definitely not easy is to do everything at once. A collaboration with BUHR allows managers to spend more time on core activities, and minimal time on the HR profession.

In a world where all disciplines are becoming more specialized, we should all spend our time on what we are best at. In this case, it means that you as a manager can safely outsource staff development, -follow-up and -administration to us, as a support for your management responsibilities. In this way, time is freed up for other tasks without compromising either operations or the well-being of employees.

No two companies are alike. While some need an entire HR department, others may need specialised support for a limited period. Therefore, we have services that can be easily adapted to what your company needs today, with full understanding that the need may change tomorrow.

Below is a description of our different subscription schemes, all adaptable to different needs.

Our services


The solution for companies who want a more profitable alternative than hiring full-time HR employees. You get access to the entire HR discipline in a team, in the percentage of the position you need, as an operational part of the company. As your HR department, we take care of all personnel-related issues and challenges in a way that benefits both management and employees. As a leader, you have full control, because we always keep you updated, give good advice and support you.


The solution for companies who need time-limited professional expertise for extraordinary tasks during hectic periods, or in connection with unforeseen events. This may be anything from major projects such as the introduction of new systems or transfer of enterprise, to downsizing or mass-recruitment, periods of extensive absence or a mapping to provide an HR-status for your company.


The solution for companies who need assistance with some selected HR tasks, processes, or disciplines over a longer period of time. This service can also serve as support for an existing HR department or HR manager who needs to allocate their time differently.


The solution for companies that want an hourly agreement for processes that require it. This may be in connection with organizational building, competence development or major change processes, or perhaps the HR manager is taking more education and need a stand-in?


No companies are the same, but all are equally important.

The most important thing for us is not what the service is called, but that the management of personnel and HR in your company works. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you want a proposal on how we can best meet the needs of your particular company.


With a subscription for HR expertise, you can safely reduce the cost of recruitment. We manage the entire process, from analysing the needs and advertising the position, to selection, entering agreements and onboarding of new employees. We have certified advisers who uses DNV GL-certified test tools.


We familiarise ourselves with the company’s management systems so that we can take care of HR procedures and work processes in a predictable and efficient manner. With a permanent adviser as a contact point, both management and employees get a familiar face who can assist in everything from employee handbooks to follow-up of sick leave, or questions about GDPR.

Organization and strategy

The BUHR team provides good support in strategy work, change processes and restructuring. We have extensive experience from leading and building up HR departments and can thus be proactive advisors in various organizational processes.

Competence development

Whether you need mapping, documentation, competence assurance or development, we have the expertise, methods and tools needed. We can assist with processes that involve competence requirements or increase both in the short and long term.

Situational challenges

BUHR assists owners, management and employees through challenges that require solid professional competence and HR expertise. This can be temporary redundancies or downsizing, individual terminations, or in situations such as acquisitions and mergers (nationally or internationally).

Compensation and benefits

We manage the overall framework such as salary structure, insurance and pension, but are equally involved in industry- or company-specific schemes. Our team can also be a support for trade unions and shop stewards, and with managing the collective bargaining framework.