One contact person
– a full team in support

Although BUHR is an external business partner, we work internally. A primary resource and contact person ensures a good understanding of the organisation and culture, and secures predictable and secure processes.

Our entire team works in BUHR – but still we work for our customers. This means that you do not have to think about employing or contracting, but rather about what kind of competence your company needs.

It can be costly not to do the basic work in personnel and HR correctly. Tidy and accurate agreements, good employment processes and avoidance of conflicts – or assistance in dealing with them in a good way when they arise – can save the company extensive costs.

BUHR is built up as a complete HR department where you as a customer get access to the full range of professionals. Through the subscription, you get access to broad expertise from available and operational advisors. We simply take care of what you need when you need it.

BUHR is a member of HR Norge and has partners in labour law, tax, pension and insurance.