KFUK-KFUM is a Christian and open-minded organization fighting for children and youth’s right to live and develop as whole individuals. We are a part of YWCA (Young Womens Christian Association), which is the world’s largest women’s movement, and YMCA (Young Mens Christian Association), which is the world’s largest youth movement.

The organization is reaching over 65 million people a year across 120 countries, creating open and safe communities for more than 70 million children, young people, and women. Through our work in the local community working with empowering the rights for the children and youth, we change the world.

In Norway, we have a clear ambition to be a leading actor in the field of children and youth, creating communities for around 40,000 children and young people annually in a variety of activities – including sports, events, festivals, open kindergartens, children’s choirs, youth camps, Folk High Schools, leadership development, and much more. We create open, safe communities where children and young people can be themselves, get lifelong experiences, and develop as whole individuals. In Norway, we have approximately 350 dedicated employees who work every day to ensure that children and young people can take part in open and safe communities.

BUHR’s delivery:

BUHR assists the HR department in KFUK-KFUM Norway in various HR related matters and development projects. The main project is a project reviewing working hours, involving collaboration and negotiations with employee representatives, as well as the development and implementation of new procedures and tools throughout the organization.

When our HR Manager was about to go on parental leave, we made an assessment, and our need was not a substitute who could step in as an HR Generalist, but an HR Specialist who could get well acquainted with our organization while having a team with various specialized skills as support. This is what we have achieved through our collaboration with BUHR.

Our organization transitioned from having a personnel department to becoming an HR Department in January 2023, and with this, there are still a number of significant processes and projects in the department’s portfolio. Our main HR Business Partner at BUHR has, among other things, taken full responsibility for delivering a working hours project, and delivered with high professional quality, handling all challenges that have arisen along the way. For us as an organization, it has also been a great reassurance that we have quickly had resources available when needed, and this has helped ensure continuity and sufficient capacity for us. At times, we have had different needs that BUHR has met in a highly professional manner.

We experience exceptionally high quality in all deliveries from all the specialists we have collaborated with at BUHR, and we can warmly recommend such a collaboration to other organizations.

– Heidi Brende Kolltveit, Acting HR Manager, KFUK-KFUM