Norrøna Storkjøkken

Norrøna Storkjøkken is one of the country’s leading total suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment with a total of about 115 employees in various locations in the country.

BUHR’s delivery:

BUHR assists Norrøna Storkjøkken with support and advice to all their locations, but the main delivery is up to Norrøna Storkjøkken’s head office in Stavanger. BUHR’s area of responsibility extends from HR administration to systematization of routings and standards, follow-up of individual cases, recruitment, competence mapping and general advice within the HR area.

HR is a large subject area and since Norrøna Storkjøkken AS does not need a 100% position within HR, we have chosen to collaborate with BUHR. Through our permanently hired person from BUHR, we get access to all BUHR’s competence fields within HR.

We have worked with BUHR for about 1 1/2 years and are very satisfied with the services and our contact person.

– Gudrun Windsand Pettersen, general manager of Norrøna Storkjøkken AS