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Bjørg Ueland

Astrid Midbøe Ramstad

Marit Husebø Johansen


Jan Helge Haugen

Astrid Ivesdal

Kristine Bakkevig

Birgitte Langholm

Cathrine Lunde Handegård

Birgitte Langholm

Silje Lofthus

Cathrine Lunde Handegård

Unn Børve

Birte Wahlberg

Amela Sandanger

Camilla Oliversen

Camilla Oliversen

Astri Hundhammer

Cathrine Carr Ekroll

Julie Gundersen Røssland

Annette Rørheim

Madeleine Nordhus Strøm

Bendik Fiskerstrand

Ingunn Bratli

Vera Vika Leiton

Hilde Solem


Merethe Lie Braathen

May Kristin Guibaud

Guro Rognerud Gaarder

Marianne Brinch

Lilian Winifred Pasman

Ine Sandvik

Siv Storm Thoresen

Daniel Borgsø Jensen

Kristoffer Falch

Mette Brekke

Aase Buvaag Sollid




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Bjørg Ueland

Bjørg Ueland


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Merethe Lie Braathen

Merethe Lie Bråthen

Head of department (Oslo)
– HR & Administration

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